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What is ATC? Why is it important for my inverter to detect outside temperature?

One of the best things about Falcon+ is its ability to sense temperature and regulate charging of batteries based on that. Do you know that inverters that do not have ATC can cut short your battery life by 50%? Learn More

Falcon+ has Automatic Bypass, but what is it? Why does my inverter needs Automatic Bypass?

Falcon+ has a special feature to get you power directly from the mains if it encounters any technical problems. This is called Automatic Bypass. Learn More

What's so great about Falcon+ having latest generation microprocessor?

Microprocessor is the brain of any smart electrical equipment. We are proud to say that the microprocessor which powers Falcon+ is the same as you use in your laptops and tablets. Learn More

I read that Falcon+ charges the battery in 6 stages. Why is six stage charging beneficial?

Yes, Falcon+ miles ahead of ordinary home inverters when it comes to charging of batteries. While ordinary inverters can only do 3 stage charging Falcon+ does a microprocessor-controlled 6 stage charging. 6 stage charging results in longer battery life and enhanced battery health. Learn More

I noticed that Falcon+ fuse will not blow in times of overload. How is that possible?

Falcon+ comes with resettable fuse. Fuse in ordinary inverters blow and how resettable fuse gives you freedom from this problem. Learn More

I can't decide which range of Falcon+ is suitable for me – 900, 1600 or 1100. Can you help me choose?

To calculate the capacity of Falcon+ inverter best suited for your house or office you need to know the total load of your electrical appliances. For example, an ordinary ceiling fan may consume 75 watts. Let’s say that you have calculated the total power consumption of appliances such as TV, computer, fans, lights, speakers and cooler and it comes out to be 1100 watts. In such a case you should go for Falcon 1600. However, if your total load is only 600 watts then we advice you to go for Falcon 900. It is recommended that the size of your inverter should be at least 35% more than your total electrical load.

Can I read an unbiased review of Falcon+ before I buy it?

We understand that you may want to read a neutral viewpoint about Falcon+. We dig the internet to find this review for you. We are very confident about the goodness of Falcon+ so we are not afraid to let you go to a third party website to check out the review. Learn More