Falcon Home UPS Series by Su-Kam

Smart inverters for smart homes

The Smart Inverter Revolution by Su-Kam

Su-Kam was the first Indian company to create sine wave inverters, to make world’s first plastic body inverters, to combine features of UPS in a home inverter. And now Su-Kam has launched a series of home inverters/home UPS that will blow your mind…

The Falcon pure sine wave home UPS series by Su-Kam is powered by 4th generation microprocessor, ATC Technology, 6 stage charging and many other exciting features. These are not just pure sine wave inverters but smart inverters.

What’s So Great About Falcon Pure Sine Wave UPS Series?

Pick Your Favourite Falcon Pure Sine Wave Home Inverter

Falcon +

Falcon plus home UPS is smart, stylish, and affordable sine wave inverter. Equipped with ATC technology, resettable fuse, automatic bypass and other great features, Falcon+ is our best selling home inverter.

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Falcon ++

The only two differences between Falcon plus and Falcon plus plus are: Falcon++ besides having all the features that Falcon+ does also has an LCD display. And it looks even more stylish! This luxury inverter is priced a little bit on the higher side because it deserves it!

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Falcon HBU

This plastic body pure sine wave inverter is the most efficient home UPS ever made in India. It has been awarded a 4 star energy rating by BEE owing to its 98% efficiency. This transformerless, high frequency home UPS can give at least 45 minutes more backup time than ordinary home inverters. It can also be controlled via mobile app!

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About Su-Kam

Su-Kam is India’s most innovative power solutions company. It is the only company in India’s power solutions industry to file for over 100 technological patents owing to its innovative products. Su-Kam’s products now reach more than 70 countries through a network of 40,000 dealers and distributers worldwide.

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